Ezekiel Igbokwe

We have been destined by God our maker and we also built up ourselves to function therein in so many other ways in which we built ourselves to in other to carry many along to the next good class of life to achieve our goals and have good results to turn many people’s sorrow to joy to bring change of stories in our countries and to win many to Christ the joy of the whole world through Life Changing Words and other media.

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One love!

We render services to people through Life Changing Words and other things we do in order to give taste to people and to bring out the best of people which are (inherent) in them and to raise up stars who are coming up as authors to transform the world and humans and even to enlighten the world and to win many to Christ.

Six  Key Point About Our Website

  • Studying to show thyself approved;
  • A good reader is a leader;
  • Knowledge is key and knowledge is power;
  • What you know is also what makes you known;
  • 75% people perish today for lack of acquiring knowledge which is  key, light and  power;
  • Iron sharpens iron.