According to God's word " money answereth all things" 

   The generation many are now is mostly generation of money indesence that if one haves no money he or she is notting despite what such person be I mean despite the rank of such person, 
  Life without money nowadays is life without no meaning,
  Money stops nonsense, money makes one's life sweet and better, money empowers Someone to carry out his or her assignments, money gets one connected with people that matters, money gives hope to the hopeless, money can change one's story over night, money haves no limits, money is in dominion over so many materials on earth because without the money one may not be able to purchase what he or she wants 
  In short The up and down of  many today is for money, 
 Money gives one mind to talk, act anyhow in the street or any were 
   Hmm The worst part of it is that money haves level 
  A story of what money did and can still do in the nearest future  It happened that a keke driver scragged one man Honda car at the road and the worst part of it is that the man just bought the car not up to three months at the rate of 850k then with receipt evidence and because the man had not enjoyed the car since he bought it enooh someone came and scragged it and that now make the man say that the keke driver must repair the car after given the keke driver three dirty slaps but the keke driver keep begging the man to forgive him with some other people that came around then begging that same Honda man but the man insisted that the keke driver must repair his car for him and in that process it caused  hold up in the road then and what do not concern others also keep them in hold up too but it happened that one professor was passing and joined the hold up too and one of his driver  just came down to go and know what caused the hold up getting there it was a serious matter between the Honda man and the keke driver then he have to go back to tell the other drivers to turn for its a serious matter between the Honda man and the keke driver then when their boss heard that, he him self came down and went to that place with  some of his men and when he get there he asked what the problem was then the Honda man explained to the professor and said he but his car not up to three months at 850 thousand naira and haven't even drive the car like 3 times since he bought it and the keke driver just scragged it and was only begging him to let him go  then the professor himself joined to beg that man to forgive the keke driver and let him go since it was a mistake but the Honda man insisted and that now get the professor angry and he now told that Honda man to get his car out of road with an angry voice and when the professor security want to rush the man the professor told them to leave him and told one of his driver to go and bring his bag and when his driver came the professor opened the bag and bring out 850k cash and gave to that Honda man and collected the keys and the receipt and gave to the keke driver and told him to get that car out of his way immediately and this is how the keke driver became an owner of a car just like that everyone get surprised and many said is this how God blesses someone why some are saying is that how miracles happens,

   Money is what everyone wants mostly for now but God's word said one thing that also  makes me to become a writer today and that word said this " How much better it is to get wisdom than gold and to get understanding rater than sliver and I go to wisdom first  but today many wants gold and silver rather than wisdom first, one thing about wisdom is that it tells you how to get gold, silver, money easily without much stress and how to make use of it and other things that follows it And wisdom without money for those that said they have it is at 57% over 100  why money without much wisdom is at  65% over 100 for many that haves the money with little wisdom, I read a book that the writer refers to someone whom said big men haves big library why wick men haves big TV  but I think that may be then Wisdom is good and money is good as well purchase our Wisdom Ebooks from this site and get more wisdom to get more money, gold and silver, just look at it money  is a defence and wisdom is a defence too little wisdom with contented money is much more than others but great wealth with wisdom na the baba  omo money is good wisdom is good 

   1' via the understanding of what Gods word said that money answereth all things if someone wakes up for it at list it will turn such ones story like I was blind before but now I can see and will change  such person life for better 
  2, if money dey you will look down on some problems and many more
  Pls via your comments when the time comes we will let you know pls tell the people more about money and what it can do in the nearest future


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