According to Gods word "Arise and shine for the light has come"
    To update means a lot, which are:
1. To update means to make haste while the sun shines, it also means to wake-up and make-up for next level

  2. To update means to be transformed, it means to rise and shine 

3. To update means to upgrade and to upgrade means to update. Without updating many will still remain in class one in life. 

  4. To update means to bring up new things to replace the old ones. 

 5. To update means to  turn up from old level  to new level. 

 6. To update means to come out from there to here enough. 

7. To update means to come forth into a new dawn. 

 8. To update means to come on arise and show face. 

9. To update means the of has pass away behold the new is come 

  10. To update means come and see a new available new dawn now. 

 11. To update means move to the next class. 

12. To update means to let go the old, come forth the new one. 

13. To update means the latest is out. 

   In short  Updating means transforming from grass to Grace, moving from zero to hero from nobody to somebody from importer    to Exporter that's leaping to the places of tops. 

To they updates they good well well, transforming and transferring even doubling your hustle based on the latest on ground. 

   Hmm  without updating  many people or things may not shine out forth and will remain the same  and many not know the latest on ground or when the latest updates are available. Many likes updating and through updating of many comes new new updates many are enjoying today. 


  1. By the understanding of God's word which says Arise and shine for the light has come. Through updating of the people or things in the nearest future come and see may  be the other of the Day of many.

 2. Through updating people will keep on bringing new updates

  3. Via updating in the nearest future the light of the people will remain on
  By updating of many others could be able to benefit from them and enjoy their life and themselves more better than before. 


   Please via your comment when the time comes we will let you know please tell the people more about updating and the benefits in the nearest future don't forget the world is waiting for you!


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