Ezekiel Igbokwe is an itinerant speaker, reliable mentor, inspiring author and dependable life coach. He has dedicated more than half of his years to diligent impartation of children, youths, young adults and aged. He has always emphasized winning as a mark of success and a tool for forging ahead.

His boldness and charisma is founded on the pillars of the Word of God which he believes and teaches. He has made many rise through the ranks from perceived non-entities to powerful giants in life. His methods and manners of approach to issues has made him a sought-out speaker in churches, schools, organizations and corporate bodies.

His drive to keep exposing people to Life Changing Words has spurred him to write books that are available in print and recently as downloadable E-books available online at www.lifechangingwords.com.ng . The essence of his writings are based on his core believe that readers are leaders. This firmness in his lifestyle has helped him to keep improving on himself and to cause improvement in the lives of people around him and others who have had encounters with him via his messages, books, events and public speaking.

In his interaction with children, youths and young adults, he has witnessed that humans have potentials that must be tapped to maximum impacts. Many have made references to his books and the richness of the word of God therein. In fact, he has sold over 5,000 copies of his books in Lagos State alone and more in other parts of Nigeria and beyond. In most cases, he makes himself available for interactions, interviews, liveshows and other media that gives him the opportunity to impart more into people.

He is available for local, national and international engagements. His direct and precise words have been life changing words from inception and he has not relented in studying to show himself approved. He is available via email ezekieligbokwe@lifechangingwords.com.ng . You can book him for future engagements (local and international) by clicking on the BOOKINGS menu in the menu bar above.