1. Writing and Publishing books for the people or about people;

2. Reaching out to the people through inspirational books;

3. Ministering to the people through songs and words;

4. Praying for people through phone contacts and one and one encounters;

5. Speaking God’s word in congregation or people’s events;

6. Advertizing people’s or company’s product;

7. Reaching out to the world through Life Changing Words website/social media and books


1. Book writing and publishing WEAPONS OF VICTORY OVER SATAN authored by Brother Joshua Okonkwo

2. Placement, display and marketing of our books reaching out to over five thousand copies sold to individuals in schools, ministries, and market places. The following organization, schools and ministries have been covered:

i. Ikotun Boys and Girls College, Ikotun Lagos, Summic High School, Bamsharck Bus Stop, Aso Rock Road, Ikotun Lagos etc.

ii. Assembles of God Church at Hostel Bus, Isolo Road, Lagos etc.

iii. Ikotun Market, Computer Village, Ikeja, Alaba International Market, Ladipo Market, Oshodi,

iv. Ghana/Cameroon tourists etc.

3. Being invited to schools/Churches during their fellowship/ministered through songs, books, words.

4. Being ambassador for Bro Joshua’s book and worked as Company Manager at God’s Own Wireless Computer Company as a manager then and led company advertisement policy.

5. Reaching out to the world through life changing words on social media and through books. Another thing about us is that we build up ourselves and makes ourselves available for God’s use and for the people for a better exchange of stories in our countries and our generations. Contact us ezekieligbokwe@lifechangingwords.com.ng We’re available for you